Sabermetrics Says Throw Harder

There has long been an argument that a pitcher does not need velocity to get outs. That’s true, but it does make it a whole lot easier.



How Will His Peripherals Change?

Here are some educated guesses based on sources I’ve found on the Internet:

Now, remember, these studies aren’t perfect, but they’ll give us a baseline of improvements the pitcher can expect to see if his velocity improves. You can adjust them downwards or upwards based on your own thoughts/biases if you like.

We’ll hold his innings pitched and games started constant, even though if he got a lot better, he’d probably pitch more (and deeper into games). We’ll also hold his walks, hit batters, and intentionally walked batters constant. As such, here are his new peripherals:

24 GS, 230 FB, 24 HR (10.34% HR/FB), 50 BB, 2 IBB, 7 HBP, 141 K (8.464 K/9), 150 IP (6.25 IP/start) – 4.39 FIP

A 4.39 FIP is decent – it represents a 12.5% improvement from the year previous.