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This is an assignment. It is due on Monday, March 18th.

This is easy and as long as you put thought into and turn it into me on time (hard copy/not email), you’re fine.

Everyday its late is running.

I love Sandy Koufax. You should love Sandy Koufax. He dominated his competition like nobody else in the history of the game. He played only 11 seasons but was a 7 time all star, 3 time Cy Young (only one given in all of MLB), and threw 4 no hitters (one was a perfect game). You should read his biography.

He was also out to the game at age 30. For the last 4 years of this career, his arm would swell and bruise after he would pitch. He was the first person to resort to icing.

He would put chili pepper extract on his arm just to be able to pitch through pain. This stuff was so hot, the trainer had to wear two pairs of gloves. A kid once won his game jersey, put it on, and then ran around Dodger Stadium crying that he was on fire.

Research and write a one page paper discussing the following questions:

What did he do right? Why was that beneficial?

So why was it that this great pitcher, was in so much pain that he had to retire after his best season?


Don’t just spew back stuff I’ve told you. I want to know what you really think. If you think its because he wore black socks instead of white, that’s perfectly acceptable! Just back it up with reasoning.


Double spaced, 12 point font, 1 inch margins, just your name at the top.