Learning from Lefty

Steve Carlton was phenomenal. Here’s what his Hall of Fame plaque says.

Steve Carlton was an extremely focused competitor with complete dedication to excellence. He thrived on the mound by physically and mentally challenging himself off the field. His out-pitch, a hard, biting slider, complemented a great fastball. He won 329 games — second only to Warren Spahn among lefties — and his 4,136 strikeouts were exceeded only by Nolan Ryan at the time of his retirement. Lefty once notched 19 strikeouts in a game, compiled six 20-win seasons and was the first pitcher to win four Cy Young Awards.

Carlton had a somewhat funky delivery that looked out of sync but clearly wasn’t. Teti, I think this is your mechanical role model.

In 1972, he won 27 games for the Phillies. The Phillies that year only won 59 as a team! Try to wrap your mind around that.

Watch this video of his signature pitch, the slider. The very last line is the most crucial.