Tommy Hanson’s Pause

I’ve shone you a Tommy Hanson before as an example of someone who is on a doomed path due to his elbow of shoulder mechanics at foot strike.

What I didn’t talk about was how Hanson’s tempo puts him at great risk of injury as well. Watch the video below.

Notice how Hanson is very slow in his delivery and arm action until the last possible point at which he then speeds up very quickly. His body stomps on the gas late in his motion, rather than accelerating gradually. This is the equivalent to drag racing to 90 mph every time you get onto the highway. That’s a very violent increase in energy that puts more acute stress on the arm.  That leads to injury. In fact, the combination between his high elbow, bad tempo, and terrible deceleration lead to a shoulder impingement last year.

It is much more beneficial to build up to that 90 mph (hopefully). This spreads the stress out and eliminates the injury causing sharp peak in stress. It also allows the body to sync its parts into an efficient system for delivering the baseball (read: it means you don’t rush).

Luckily for Tommy Hanson, someone let him know this and he has supposedly evened out his tempo. We’ll have to wait and see.