Preventing Finger Blisters

You may be fine now, but as we go from the nice cozy bubble to the windy, cold, dry outside world, your risk of blisters on you pitching hand is going to increase. Blisters can range from mildly annoying to DL worthy. Even the most benign of theses blisters can mess up the feel you have for your pitches. So start working towards preventing this by:

You should use emery boards and finger nail cutters on a regular basis to keep your nails at the length of your finger tips — not shorter or longer.

To prevent blisters under calluses, you can gently use an emery board to softly get rid of hardened skin that has developed. (A first-round draft pick from my college baseball team did this every day throughout the course of a season.)

Apply a hand lotion after pitching also helps keep the skin from blistering.

And no, pickle juice does not prevent blisters or expedite the healing process. That’s an old wives’ tale that doesn’t work.

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Also, if you invest in some New Skin it can help stop blisters from opening up into sores.