Emotional Pitching

Take this as you will. It really has nothing to do with how I want you to throw but its pretty enlightening/funny. A study showed that not only can people tell your emotions from your throwing motion, but they then infer your gender from this information.

University of Glasgow study of baseball tosses has found that body language is more likely to be judged as masculine when it seems to convey anger and as feminine when is seems to convey sadness.

Johnson and colleagues then showed randomly selected video clips to 93 college students and asked them to guess the sex of the actors and the mood of the behaviors. Thirty percent of the time — 25 percent would be expected by chance — they accurately judged the throws that were supposed to convey sadness. Observers were even more accurate judging emotion when balls were thrown in anger. Although they could not see the actors’ faces, clothing or physiques, they chose correctly 70 percent of the time.

It was a different story, however, when it came to judging the actor’s sex. Even though observers were shown an equal number of male and female actors displaying each emotion, they judged “sad” throws to be female about 60 percent of the time and “angry” throws to be male more than 70 percent of the time.

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