If you feel you need to make an adjustment on the mound (ex: you’re missing outside with everything), always change the mind before trying to change the body.

This means changing you focus, where you aim your pitches, or goals rather than your arm action, you’re leg kick, posture, etc.


  • You’re having trouble throwing your curveball for a strike because it keeps coming in too low.  Rather than changing where you release the ball or your hand position, simply change where you’re aiming the ball. The balls coming in too low when you aim for the zone, so instead aim for the catcher’s mask.


  • You’re barely missing the zone with your pitches. Walks are accumulating but you’re not wild. Its frustrating. Try changing your goal from hitting the corners to simply hitting a half.


  • You feel strong on the mound but the control isn’t the best. Turn your focus to simply hitting the mitt.


This will help keep your composure on the mound. When we start changing our mechanics is when we get out of sorts and frustrated. Let the body work towards the mind’s will rather than imposing rules upon it.