You should know these by now but just so we are clear.

  • When you step off the rubber with a runner on base, you have to break your hands after stepping off.
  • You have to step off with your throwing side foot first.
  • Righties, if you try a jump move to first, you have to throw the ball to first. You do not have to throw the ball on a pick to second or third. On a fake 3rd-go-to-1st, you have to gain ground towards third base and execute a fake throw, but you do not have to throw the ball to first.
  • Lefties, if you try the traditional fake pitch pick to first, you have to throw the ball to first. If you make a jump pick to third (don’t!) you have to throw to third. You do not have to throw the ball on a pick to second.
  • You can never pick to a base that was empty before you took the rubber. If a guy takes off for third while you’re in the stretch, you have to step off and then throw to third.
  • I hate that I have to say this but there’s always one or two guys who seem to forget this. You have to come set with a full pause with runners on base.
  • You cannot go to your mouth on the mound. That’s a ball with no one on base and a balk with someone on. Exceptions will be made if its cold but always ask the umpire if you can. Do not assume.
  • Lefties, your step on a pick to first has to be within 45 degrees of first base. If your foot crosses the rubber, you must pitch the ball. If your knee crosses but your foot doesn’t, you can still pick.
  • If the umpire yells “BALK!” and the pitch is delivered and the batter hits the ball, the ball is in play. After the play, the team can decide whether they want the balk or the play on the field.
  • Same with catcher’s interference.
  • Umpires are in play. If the ball hits an umpire, its like it hit a base.
  • The rubber is in play but doesn’t mean that the ball is fair. If the ball hits the rubber and bounces into foul territory without being touched, it is a foul ball.
  • A ball in front of 3rd and 1st, is considered fair or foul based on where it is when touched, not where the player is who touched it.
  • You get 20 seconds to pitch after receiving the ball.
  • You get 8 warm up pitches.