You’ll hear me talk about torque a lot, but what exactly does that mean? Torque is the separation between your top half and your bottom half. What we look for in pitching is a bottom half that fires earlier than the top half. This results in hips facing the plate while the chest still faces 1st or 3rd base. A tell tale sign that of good torque is a twisted jersey or one that tends to come untucked as your pitching.

The reason we want this torque is because the hips are where we generate the most power. If the hips explode before the top half, the body is now coiled like a spring. This is not a position that our bodies can maintain but for a split second so our top half then fires around to catch up. A faster we explode our hips the faster our top half has to catch up. All of this travels up the body and finally out of the hand like a whip.

It the same principal as in hitting, and few people do it better than Bryce Harper.