I Was Made

After I told you guys to read the Bauer article, the first comment I got was, “That guy’s a freak”. My response was a simple “Nope.”

We have a tendency to think these guys who throw hard are freaks, that they possess something us normal citizens lack. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Sure there are guys who are genetically big and flexible and never let mechanical theories get in their way of throwing like an athlete. But essentially we’re all made out of the same stuff and the human body and brain are wonderful at executing large changes.

If you are at Nyack College, I’m sorry but you aren’t genetically big and flexible and you don’t throw to your athletic potential. The good news is that you aren’t alone and if you were to increase your skill set to that of a Major League star, you wouldn’t be the first normal citizen to do that. It simply takes hard and smart work. Let me say that again to reinforce it. Hard AND smart work. That means functional strength, flexbility, and quickness. Look at me, I’m very skinny and this summer I hit 93 on the gun. Trevor Bauer’s quote rings so unbelievably true, I want it on a t-shirt.

“Look, I’m not that big. I’m not that strong. I’m not fast. I’m not explosive. I can’t jump. I wasn’t a natural-born athlete. I was made.”-Trevor Bauer