More Than One Way To Skin A Cat

The old story goes: “Ok, all pitchers with me, we have balance point drills….um, Lincecum…just keep doing what you’re doing.”

Look around Major League Baseball, past and present, and you’ll be struck by the thousands of different ways a human being hurls a baseball towards a catcher. Pitching isn’t about attaining some perfect, cookie cutter delivery.  Throw out everything you’ve ever been told about balance points, breaking your hands, “bad” arm slots, posture, head and eyes leveling, leg kick, finishing, etc. All of that is just style. Its what you’re body innately does and its unique to you (just like how no two MLB pitchers look identical).

If you watch all of these pitchers you will start to see some much subtler similarities.  Stuff like momentum, scap load, torque, and more.

We’ll go into that in more detail later on, but for now simply check out these videos and realize how stupid cookie cutter mechanics are.

Juan Marichal, Hall of Famer

Roy Halladay

Clayton Kershaw, 23 years old and on the verge of winning the pitching triple crown

Whitey Ford, Hall of Famer

Walter Johnson, Hall of Famer, Second in all time wins, estimated to have thrown 98 to 100 mph

Cliff Lee

Don Drysdale, Hall of Famer

Tim Lincecum

Aroldis Chapman, 105 mph